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safe1753668 artist:evomanaphy877 oc713300 oc only466134 oc:looic100 oc:shadow blue324 human159184 pegasus310261 pony1013242 bed42436 blushing205077 chest fluff41359 clothes476934 cuddling8591 cute206061 cutie mark49865 duo64982 eyes closed98414 female1404537 fluffy14724 folded wings6628 grayscale39336 happy32243 hug29180 human female1644 human female on stallion29 human on pony snuggling339 husband and wife1599 in love272 interspecies23642 lying3795 lying down19826 lying on bed1913 male388936 monochrome152409 oc x oc16364 on bed3839 panties51543 pillow18693 pony on human action904 romantic1537 shadooic105 shipping206002 simple background410172 sketch64621 sleeping23972 smiling262001 snuggling6609 socks68679 stallion116115 stallion on human female764 straight140566 tanktop8094 thigh highs38262 transparent background209327 underwear62572 wall of tags3674 weapons-grade cute3764 wings123660


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WisdomVision F.
Artist -

So lovely, no matter how bad your day may be, you can always look forward to a pony who’s waiting for you to snuggle with. Because its wonderful to see that pony you hold in your arms and smiling back at you. <3 /)3(\
Background Pony #D4F1
Ahh pure love, being in love wiht a pony :3 good dream fuel who wouldt want to have relationship like that