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grimdark29999 grotesque12086 artist:olivecow50 gallus7316 ocellus5604 sandbar5782 silverstream6500 smolder8616 spike82347 yona5366 changedling9178 changeling52116 classical hippogriff5268 dragon61778 griffon29217 hippogriff10660 yak5047 abuse8163 black sclera2358 blood26181 blood on face71 blood on hooves17 blood on the floor18 comic114701 creepypasta950 crying46188 death5626 decapitated1921 decapitation442 female1453031 gallabuse91 glass5097 gore4704 guts401 headless792 impalement580 insanellus4 intestines451 knife5713 magic78259 male406864 meat cleaver54 murder1539 no eyes371 ocelbar122 oven399 red eyes7047 sandabuse25 severed head1667 shipping212217 smolderbuse50 spikeabuse841 straight145292 streambuse7 student six1716 yandere939 yonabuse24