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grimdark29438 grotesque12238 artist:olivecow51 gallus7684 ocellus5838 sandbar6009 silverstream6760 smolder9154 spike84676 yona5591 changedling9637 changeling54932 classical hippogriff5458 dragon65848 griffon30823 hippogriff11216 yak5286 abuse8493 black sclera2614 blood27290 blood on face88 blood on hooves17 blood on the floor20 comic118797 creepypasta1105 crying48054 death5572 decapitated2004 decapitation465 female1521140 gallabuse93 glass5436 gore4890 guts432 headless811 impalement617 insanellus4 intestines478 knife5984 magic81748 male429390 meat cleaver60 murder1652 no eyes413 ocelbar132 oven408 red eyes7822 sandabuse25 severed head1719 shipping220507 smolderbuse51 spikeabuse862 straight151873 streambuse7 student six1767 yandere972 yonabuse24