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Give her a big hoof, everypony!
safe1919912 screencap251776 applejack184766 fluttershy233258 opalescence2238 pinkie pie234557 rainbow dash254922 rarity199311 twilight sparkle326949 alicorn264532 cat7433 earth pony338879 pegasus382843 pony1267388 unicorn420549 my little pony: pony life6090 pony life6654 the debut taunt34 bowtie12263 cheering885 cowboy hat20960 female1555061 flower31324 hat104112 horseshoes2511 mare588438 mirror6191 purse719 rose4563 smiling315576 stetson5355


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Background Pony #31A9
God this show looks like crap. I can feel all the good work and credibility that franchise had built up dying.