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Psalm from Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons.
All design credits to Vector-Brony.
SVG for your reusing pleasure.😊
safe1882318 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan442 derpibooru exclusive32009 oc788658 oc only584275 oc:psalm39 pony1228803 unicorn403284 fallout equestria19385 fallout equestria: project horizons3449 .svg available9183 bedroom eyes67956 belt7073 clothes526727 coat3234 delta pipbuck10 fanfic art16139 female1520415 glowing9064 glowing horn23283 gun17659 gun holster25 helmet12487 horn101977 jacket15047 lidded eyes35815 magic81723 magic glow250 mare568463 penance (psalm's rifle)7 pipbuck3863 relentless sorrow (psalm's handgun)6 rifle4166 sheath2847 show accurate21678 simple background465103 smiling303616 smiling at you10571 sniper1275 sniper rifle1084 solo1198129 svg4125 sword12890 transparent background233518 trenchcoat670 unicorn oc18181 vector81841 weapon34494


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Don'think ighly o'Sicily
In the future where the world did not blow up, Psalm would become McHooyah and spend her time on Horse Twitter s**tposting loudly about all the morally questionable missions she went on during the war. She would loudly BOAST that she was the one to try and kill Applejack and fifty other Zebra heads of state.

Always good to see more PH tertiary characters! Weird to think of Psalm smiling though. “Relentless Sorrow” in the tags seems a little overblown TBH.