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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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some innocent stuff for a change x3

safe2154426 artist:mricantdraw320 apple bloom59597 applejack198769 earth pony437925 pony1582397 g42007184 accessory swap2029 adorabloom3848 apple sisters982 applebetes197 applejack's hat14065 chest fluff63930 cowboy hat25198 cute263245 duo164502 ear fluff49255 eyes closed137054 female1781159 filly96202 foal42868 hat122689 jackabetes7873 mare728264 nuzzling5025 one eye closed45011 raised leg11602 siblings21194 signature42640 simple background585565 sisters17581 smiling389905 sweet dreams fuel2030 white background157622 wholesome1360


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