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#SaveEquestriaGirls and here’s a special montage for this longest series since 2013 for 7 years! If you’re not doubt with that I got 5 words: the show must go on! #Montage #MLPEG #EGSeason3 #EquestriaGirls #Letupita725HD #Hasbro https://t.co/WgINwiDMi9
safe1765693 artist:alexky201615 artist:jericollage7021 edit137537 edited edit2630 edited screencap68562 screencap230837 adagio dazzle13383 angel bunny10055 apple bloom51457 applejack174442 aria blaze10109 big macintosh28975 bulk biceps3509 cranky doodle donkey1037 derpy hooves50954 diamond tiara10463 dj pon-329802 flam2202 flash sentry13230 flim2293 fluttershy218645 granny smith5456 gummy5151 indigo zap2531 juniper montage1393 kiwi lollipop441 lemon zest3239 lily pad (equestria girls)215 maud pie12798 max steele91 opalescence2135 photo finish2686 pinkie pie221477 princess celestia97157 principal celestia3619 puffed pastry82 rainbow dash239933 rarity186825 ray139 sci-twi25646 scootaloo52122 silver spoon6670 sonata dusk13922 sour sweet3415 spike80942 spike the regular dog2609 starlight glimmer50091 sugarcoat3404 sunset shimmer65326 supernova zap427 sweetie belle49940 tank2792 timber spruce1970 toe-tapper249 torch song239 trixie69087 twilight sparkle307851 vignette valencia853 vinyl scratch29802 wallflower blush2261 winona2559 zephyr breeze2486 alicorn235385 alligator1166 bird8949 cat6604 dog10027 earth pony272616 firefly (insect)925 insect2005 pegasus314872 pony1025632 rabbit5697 raccoon585 sheep1633 tortoise710 unicorn348755 a fine line299 a little birdie told me235 a photo booth story150 a queen of clubs229 all the world's off stage223 aww... baby turtles259 best trends forever485 blizzard or bust236 blue crushed327 coinky-dink world514 constructive criticism197 dance magic1646 dashing through the mall504 display of affection175 driving miss shimmer198 epic fails (equestria girls)199 eqg summertime shorts3193 equestria girls209233 equestria girls (movie)7605 equestria girls series35670 five to nine175 fluttershy's butterflies263 forgotten friendship5734 friendship games12867 friendship math281 get the show on the road184 good vibes326 happily ever after party217 holidays unwrapped2272 leaping off the page81 legend of everfree8139 lost and found277 mad twience200 make up shake up119 mirror magic2583 monday blues330 movie magic1066 my little shop of horrors160 o come all ye squashful285 opening night276 outtakes (episode)49 overpowered (equestria girls)328 pet project269 pinkie pie: snack psychic143 pinkie sitting167 rainbow rocks18601 raise this roof195 rarity investigates: the case of the bedazzled boot337 road trippin101 rollercoaster of friendship3129 saving pinkie's pie273 school of rock143 shake things up!117 so much more to me181 spring breakdown2796 star crossed232 steps of pep139 stressed in show407 stressed in show: fluttershy186 stressed in show: pinkie pie55 stressed in show: rainbow dash74 subs rock163 sunset's backstage pass!2552 super squad goals272 text support231 text support: rarity42 the art of friendship154 the canterlot movie club147 the cider louse fools197 the finals countdown168 the last day of school132 the other side516 the salty sails100 too hot to handle176 turf war320 unsolved selfie mysteries374 winter break-in149 x marks the spot233 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14978 spoiler:eqg specials5509 :i1623 ^^462 all good (song)102 all the world's off stage: micro chips76 all the world's off stage: pinkie pie33 all the world's off stage: twilight sparkle25 alternative cutie mark placement1823 angry28372 animal4784 applejack audience22 applejack's hat8840 armpits43507 arms in the air514 awesome cutie mark57 beach16210 best trends forever: pinkie pie94 best trends forever: rainbow dash112 best trends forever: twilight sparkle142 bicycle383 black and white13607 blonde hair594 blushing206721 boots23264 bowtie10843 bracelet10345 broom1835 canterlot high2867 caramel apple (food)137 cellphone4145 chair7174 churros90 classroom1706 clothes481007 collage1477 confetti2038 constructive criticism: photo finish25 constructive criticism: pinkie pie30 constructive criticism: rainbow dash60 converse5904 cowboy boots1632 cowboy hat17637 crossed arms5460 crying45231 cute207495 cutie mark50427 cutie mark crusaders19401 cutie mark on clothes3562 dance magic (song)83 dashabetes9716 daydream shimmer927 denim skirt1778 diapinkes10365 diatrixes3229 driving miss shimmer: applejack27 driving miss shimmer: fluttershy70 driving miss shimmer: rarity60 drums1120 emoji940 eyes closed99567 facial cutie mark191 faic12630 fall formal outfits1577 flashback1066 flim flam brothers1282 flower26989 flowerbetes196 fluttershy's butterflies: applejack94 fluttershy's butterflies: dj pon-321 fluttershy's butterflies: rainbow dash82 fluttershy's car26 food73874 football1649 forest10713 geode of empathy3353 geode of fauna2126 geode of shielding2516 geode of sugar bombs2320 geode of super speed2811 geode of super strength2574 geode of telekinesis3256 glasses65582 gloves21239 goggles14582 grayscale39596 green face172 green hair501 grin41710 guitar5181 hairpin2300 hallway969 hammer1776 hand on hip7725 hands behind back1575 happily ever after party: applejack49 happily ever after party: rainbow dash68 happily ever after party: rarity61 hard hat710 hat91637 headband3593 headphones8163 high five221 high heels11997 holding hands2825 hologram338 hoodie15209 hug29356 humane five3670 humane seven2725 humane six3481 inflatable dress130 invisible (song)24 jackabetes6308 jacket13371 jackletree95 jewelry70044 jumping3494 k-lo344 laughing8376 leather1364 leather jacket3582 lockers1812 looking at you177903 looking back60871 looking down9430 magic mirror539 magical geodes10231 memory stone158 meta16786 midnight sparkle2584 midriff19967 monochrome153212 multeity2321 multicolored hair6060 museum159 music festival outfit793 musical instrument11924 necklace21120 nose in the air1380 one eye closed33076 op can't let go94 open mouth157319 opening night: applejack24 opening night: sunset shimmer68 opening night: twilight sparkle42 pajamas3395 phone7053 photo booth62 photo booth (song)71 pink hair1325 pinkie being pinkie1330 ponied up5353 ponytail19194 postcrush283 poster5541 purple hair833 rain6312 rainbow dash is best facemaker669 rainbow hair2600 raribetes5672 rarity investigates (eqg): applejack73 rarity investigates (eqg): pinkie pie51 rarity investigates (eqg): trixie121 rarity peplum dress1337 rarity's glasses609 rear view13014 red hair976 rise up5 room to grow19 sandals4559 save equestria girls31 seasickness69 selfie3345 shimmerbetes4513 shoes39403 shyabetes14642 skirt41552 smartphone2354 smiling265462 smiling at you5584 smirk13202 smug6350 smugset shimmer174 snow14216 spikabetes2107 steering wheel161 storm845 storm king's emblem156 su-z351 sunglasses15248 surfing383 sushi534 swimsuit30029 tanktop8202 text support: fluttershy45 text support: sunset shimmer85 the dazzlings4502 the ponytones47 thumbs up1059 time twirler40 to be or not to be15 transformation11507 transformation sequence1125 tree34002 true original (song)19 twiabetes12340 twilight ball dress201 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126899 twitter3284 twitter link85 uvula2296 wall of tags3739 we've come so far9 welcome to the show204 white room9 wide eyes17516 window9063 wings125964 wink25971 winking at you1164 yacht156 yearbook111 yellow hair323


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