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Background Pony #B331
Blue pony: I got bored.. oh customers, what i sell ya?
witch pony: I need two slim cleaner for our clothes
Blue pony: No problem.. eh?!(she see Red pony)What are you doing here?
Red pony: OH Blue pony?!
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Silver Dis-Astḗr
@Background Pony #B9B7

This is a direct continuation from their last "adventure" in this cave. The rock with the "hot springs" pond at the left of Red Pone´s head is where they got naked and cleaned themselves [of the cyan blood/secretions from some other creature].
→ "She" (the non_blue, non_red, unnamed oc) is asking Blue Pone for enough "slime cleaner" for two sets of clothes.
Blue Pone is either asking WHO is he (Red Pone), or impliying that he had something to do with the "soiling" of the clothes.