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If professor of antropology says so..

Version without dialogue and blank whiteboard: >>2491971
safe1638825 artist:xbi745 lyra heartstrings28732 pony904619 unicorn295262 anatomically incorrect3962 anatomy389 anthropology-with-lyra6 armpits42116 bad anatomy638 comic104690 critical research failure40 cute189580 dialogue62013 female1304653 glasses58251 gradient background11562 incorrect leg anatomy1763 leg63 looking at you156682 lyrabetes1283 mare449507 pointing3841 silly7216 silly lyra69 sitting59006 solo1019645 talking5051 talking to viewer2359 whiteboard272


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
I never knew before how much I needed to see Professor Lyra giving a lecture on the similarities of human and pony biology.

I hope there can be more of these forming a whole series of such lectures from Ly-ly. :D
Background Pony #4CA2
But that's wrong. There's no human joint where it labels the hock. Should be at the heel.
The "hoof" should only be the toe area.
Background Pony #813F
@Background Pony #6858
Human anatomy is not bad. Its just that most biologists compare human anatomy with non-tool using animals which don't need or have a wide range of motions. Its like comparing a hammer to a swiss army knife. A swiss army knife is never going to drive/remove nails as well as a hammer but the swiss army knife can do so many other things that being inferior in that one skillset is irrelevant.
Background Pony #6858
human anatomy is pretty bad. if you've looked at the bones in a foot, theres like 26 bones all trying to hold up the 120lbs or more. the reason being is that a horse's knees are our ankles and heels. theres really 4 main segments of the legs that bend independently from each other, and these segments had to be pretty mangled so that we could walk. horses sort of walk on their toes. the spine is also bad. the spine is many segments that allow the being to bend and grab stuff or whatever. well the human spine is in a bit of an S shape, which doesn't distribute weight well upright. L5 is very commonly injured because it supports the most weight. back and foot pain are common because of both these evolutionary fuck ups and our poor lifestyles.

now im not an anthropologist or whatever, but it's mostly right so who cares? this is a site about fictional horses, not a science exam.
Background Pony #3A1E
the way the chest fluff or belly button area is drawn makes it looks like some strange wound or gash of some sort. honestly it resembles a vagina. may want to fix that just so it looks nicer.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I wouldn’t mind a series where Lyra tries to educate us in human biology and how it’s similar to ponies. Sounds like it could be fun.