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safe1754979 artist:skanim-sdw132 princess celestia96906 oc713824 oc:prototype third2 alicorn233574 pegasus310695 pony1014782 bondage35032 commission73414 crush fetish491 cute206205 cutelestia3680 dirty hooves86 fetish41777 giantlestia364 happy32265 hoof fetish2439 looking down9335 macro11138 macro/micro636 micro9228 raised hoof48601 size difference14993 sky15045 smiling262459 spread legs19987 spread wings57285 spreading19904 story in the comments739 tree33663 underhoof53919 wings123883 worried4047


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Background Pony #A860
Oh, okay, glad to hear :), you are one of the best artist on this site and your drawings always cheer me up, thank you! And sorry for the wall of text Dx.
Background Pony #A860
“So, to recapitulate, you want me to step on you Proto?” The solar princess said, her gentle voice was booming yet soft, and was mixed with worry and a small touch of confusión.
“Yep, if you don’t mind of course; I’m your friend, and I wouldn’t never put a friend in a uncomfortable situation” The little pegasus bondaged under the Princess shoe; Prototype Third, said cheerfully. The duo were best friends since an incident of an illegal research conducted by evil corporations; they tried to create an invincible pony, and Prototype Third (Hence his name) was the result of their experimentation. When Celestia directly assaulted the place with an armoured contingent of guards, they found him imprisoned on a dark room. And at that point the member of the diarchy noticed that the stallion wasn’t evil, unlike his creators. After an interrogation session with the pegasus, she found out she had many things in common with him. Soon, that reglamentary interrogation became a chat, the smiling pegasus bonding quickly with her. Shortly afterwards that incident she became best friends with the happy pegasus that always had that kind smile and soft heart.
“Nono, I am not talking about that, I accept your likes and dislikes as a good friend should do. I am worried that you will get hurt or similar. I would not be able to handle that I badly hurt a friend, especially you Proto…” The white alicorn said softly to him, the worrying tone on her voice going along with the message she was trying to send.
“Oh, don’t worry Celly!” Said the gray pegasus, even though Celestia couldn’t really see him per se, she knew that her friend was giving her a reassurance smile. “Remember, those guys made me invencible, and that Starswirl spell you used on me will be helpful too!” He continued happily.
“Okay Proto, I trust you. Very well… I guess now I have to act like a bad guy? I don’t know how to act… but I will try” Pointed out the princess, still with her hoof raised and the pegasus on her shoe. “Ahem, ahem” She cleared her throat. “Haha, I-I’ve got you now Proto! Err… pegasus! Now, as you didn’t want to… uh… obey me! As a punishment I’ll… Uhhh… smush you under my hoof! As a gum… under my hoof… I guess… Because that’s what evil people do! Muaha-ha-haha Said the evilly royal, who seemed completely unable to properly mimick an evil tyrant, her voice sounding robotic and monotone.
“Hahaha, you’re cute when you try to do that…” said Proto, unable to hols his laughter. “But don’t worry about that Celly, just think you’re walking in the fields, just this time you have a friend stuck in your shoe” It was certainly the first time ever someone said that sentence in history.
“Oh” The princess made a little blush, luckily Prototype couldn’t see it. “Okay then…”
It was at that moment where Proto could notice the ground coming closer. However, she still seemed hesitant, for she did not want to crush her friend. Deciding to motivate her, Proto said “Come on Celly, you won’t be able to hurt me.”. Celestia seemed to have accepted this, as she lowered her hoof down and smoothly , and before he knew it, everything was dark.
Under her hoof, he could feel his body being softly pressed agaisnt the mud as Celly slowly applied more pressure. The pressure kept etting higher. But his body did not suffer any real damage by the spell and his nigh-invulnerability, only some flattening as he was being compressed bewteen the mud and Celestia shoe.
Finally, the pressure stopped, Proto was flattened on Celestia shoe, and he was living a dream come true, the pressure applied by Celestia fully stepping on him felt like the best massage in the world, It felt awesome, Proto made a face of pure bliss at the feeling.
Soon, Celestia raised her hoof from the mud slowly. An intruder thought came that said that she just killed her friend, but she quickly banished it. As she painfully slowly rotated her hoof to see what happened, like a detective in a horror movie when he needs to open then last door, the fear of death on her head.
“CAN I BE INSIDE YOUR SHOE NEXT? BECAUSE THAT FELT AMAZING!” Said cheerfully Proto after she rotated her hoof to face the sole. Proto was there, dirty from being pressed agaisnt the mud and somewhat flattened, but otherwise he seemed just fine.
“Are you okay?” said the big alicorn, just to make sure, after an energetic nod on response, she let out a deep breath. “Thank Equestria, I was worried.” she continued with great relief. “And yes, you can be inside my shoe next Proto” she added, “Now to unbond you…” she said as her horn started glowing yellow, but before she could start unbonding him Proto yelled.
“Wait! Can I remain in your hoof? Pleaseeee” making some perfect puppy dog eyes. Celestia chuckled and gave Proto a warm smile. “Nooooo, the puppy dog eyes no! Alright, you can stay there while I walk home, but get ready for a long walk” she teased, Proto response was a cheerful “Yay!” along with a cute smile. “Thank you thank you!” He said.
“Do not worry about it Proto, I am just doing something for a friend” she said.
And then she began, step by step she went back to the castle, each feeling like a dream for Proto as he was pressed agaisn’t the ground. Meanwhile the Princess was admiring the beautifulness of the place.
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Just smile! :D
Any story behind this picture? I would love to read a fanfiction or a small story about those two, especially with this kind and unsure Celestia (I find it fascinating and pretty cute that the macro it’s shy or actually worried about the micro)
Btw, adding hoof fetish and crush fetish tags, you don’t mind right?