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Nightlight is an autistic unicorn training to be a princess. In the last year, she has made great progress in learning to be a friend – especially with her big brother (White Night). For the next stage in her training, Princess Skysparkle wants her to live as a normal pony, far away from her privilege as a rich girl.
White Night isn’t sure how to give her the news. It can be very tricky to handle the emotions of his autistic sister. In addition to delays in social skills, Nightlight can easily get distressed – leading to the occasional meltdown.
If you want to read more, you can see the full story outline (work in progress) on my Patreon page! Here is the table of contents:
For all four characters in this picture, here are references:  

Art by Pony-Berserker.
Starponys: Crowns of Friendship / Friends with Unicorn Syndrome © and ™ of M. Wayne Howell (, along with all characters therein.
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safe1881327 artist:pony-berserker1041 artist:saturdaymorningproj556 oc788063 oc only583804 oc:nightlight53 oc:nightlight sparkleheart24 oc:prince endearment22 oc:princess skysparkle12 oc:white night116 oc:white night shiningheart16 alicorn257126 pony1227584 unicorn402752 alicorn oc30793 asperger's syndrome67 autism212 autism spectrum disorder69 bbbff186 big brother59 breakfast404 brother and sister5106 butter289 cider2735 crown22287 destruction1657 dinner275 discussion213 eating10899 egg4554 female1519106 food81213 friendship lesson40 gem heart2 hay1755 heart55922 heart shaped gem2 horn101699 jewelry81842 juice1518 little sister85 magic81651 male428604 meltdown19 mother2504 mother and child3431 mother and son3390 neurodivergent109 neurotypical16 night30415 not blueblood1 not celestia145 not shining armor60 not twilight sparkle570 parody16278 prince250 princess2648 regalia26153 rich50 rich girl2 royal meeting2 screaming3958 siblings12666 son372 stars18516 table10516 tantrum140 telekinesis31771 unicorn oc18102 waffle305 wings153514 worried4513


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