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safe2153063 artist:yakovlev-vad593 princess luna116234 alicorn309787 earth pony437364 pony1580980 g42006134 ...3171 abuse9377 angry36236 armor30789 back scratching75 blushing268673 bonk232 brush2650 brushie646 brushing573 caught4336 chest fluff63845 colored24603 cute263028 duo164111 ear fluff49174 emanata2548 embarrassed15061 eye contact7631 eyes closed136892 female1779736 floppy ears71846 frown35469 galea14 glare9010 glowing horn28694 grin61916 heart74516 helmet15610 hitting246 horn178417 lacrimal caruncle151 leg fluff4788 levitation16050 lidded eyes46711 lip bite15206 looking at each other33497 lunabetes4327 madorable1077 magic95454 magic aura8733 male542501 mare727421 mouth hold23480 onomatopoeia8050 open mouth232759 royal guard10785 royal guard armor1262 s1 luna8441 scratching592 scroll4125 sidemouth584 simple background585006 sitting90679 slender5027 smack192 smiling389331 spread wings91756 spy1473 stallion191478 sweat39767 sweatdrop6664 telekinesis38546 text87787 thin7859 wall of tags6408 white background157394 wide eyes19744 wings216540


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Ryonia Coruscare
Roseluck - Had their OC in the 2023 Derpibooru Collab.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab

Removed a lot of inaccurate or subjective tags.
Crow, one was one that you added, onomatopoeia. Looking at this tag’s results, and the definition of the word, I have no clue how this applies or how it might be useful for tag searches. There seems to be no common traits. If you could explain I’d appreciate it.
Edit: A friend was able to explain it to me so I understood, Short description it’s the words/dialogue in the image that are actions. So the SkRATCH dialogue. Sorry for the lack of understanding on that tag.
Background Pony #F09D
removed the abuse tag, as while technically accurate to the definition of abuse, this is more of a comedic depiction (Like how having the Coyote get hit by cars or anvils while chasing the roadrunner in the Road Runner cartoon isn’t considered abusive).