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“When Chrysalis plotted to take over Equestria, she created evil clones of the Mane Six so that they could wield the Elements of Harmony. While the real Fluttershy is compassionate, sweet, and kind, Mean Fluttershy was cruel, sadistic, and a big meanie. She even loved to torture animals for no reason at all. That’s something Fluttershy would never do! But it was so nice to know that the Tree of Harmony gave that bully and her not-so-nice pals what they deserved.”
I will always love the true Fluttershy, but I will also always loathe Mean Fluttershy! She is perhaps the biggest meanie of them all, if not the very epitome of meanies. Her cruelty towards everypony and any animal is inexcusable. And to make matters worst, because she was an evil clone of her, every animal that fiend tortured turned against poor Fluttershy. I will never forgive this in-pony fiend for that. I am so glad though she’s gone! Just think Mean Fluttershy’s so cruel she’d probably make Cruella DeVil look like a saint. I bet she wouldn’t mind skinning 101 puppies or maybe baby bunnies to make her own outfit since the real Flutters has fashion knowledge; or bait a helpless bear herself; or maybe she would’ve sadistically pinched hair clips on a poor cat, sighing evilly as it would let out a wailing yowl; or destroy the real Fluttersy right in front of the Mane Six’s eyes and frame them for the misdeed! :o (Eek) Fear There’s a whole list of atrocious and unspeakably depraved and cold-blooded evils that this pernicious Pegasus could’ve cooked up if she were still around. No way the real Fluttershy wouldn’t allow that bully to get away with this.
Making Mean Fluttershy’s vector wasn’t too hard. I think she was the third of the Mean Six to work on. Her forelocks, mane, tail are slightly different from the real one’s, that being the tips are folded. The cutie mark was pretty interesting and fun for me because all I had to do was switch the colors around; instead of green butterflies with pink wings, she had pink butterflies with green wings. As for her pose, it’s somewhat the same except for the expression and more importantly, her side foreleg. Instead of being crossed-leg to encapsulate her adorable shyness, it is lifted like she were a predator ready to pounce, scratch, and harm. She is definitely one evil pony, even if she is an artificial one.
Two meanies to go, so prepare yourselves.


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Background Pony #6F3D
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Background Pony #FFA2
Even her telling rainbow and princess twilight to stop arguing in testing testing one two three
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