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safe1640994 artist:banebuster159 princess celestia92373 alicorn211393 pony906407 series:tiny tia104 alicorn strength3 bipedal32556 eyes closed86398 female1306592 mare450486 muscles11039 pointy ponies3294 simple background371426 smiling230662 solo1021279 spread wings50892 strong200 super strength174 weights350 white background92089 wings93423


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Macaroni C-Pony

I'm saying magic is intertwined with the physical and non physical forces in the MLP lore, and it's strongest users are those shown to utilize it the most often.

Basically anyone who's not a main character or plot-centered is a bottom tier
Artist -

Busy af rn.
@Macaroni C-Pony

So you are saying that mgik is different that physical force? Or that magic can help physical force?, as you say it, a character may simple focus his "life energy" into his fist to shatter somebody nuts like a glass vase. But it can't do the same without using magic unless he has trained his body for it. (Which would be a very weird training if it only consist on shattering nuts…)

And, although i can't relate to most of the examples, i can slightly relate to Dragon Ball, and, as far as i remember, they seem to punch hard even when throwing giant ki balls everywhere and chewing the scenery.

Also, i think i was talking about the Celestia lifting 100 tons, but it doesnt matter…
Macaroni C-Pony

@Background Pony #C0FA

But that's magik! magik no strenK! RUSSIAN VODKA STRONK! Wait what… I think i've lost the point

Actually, i always wondered if being good at magic meant you were good physically

It's been outright stated, if not heavily implied that magic is the equivalent of the "universal life energy" quota

Sonic = Chaos Force
Dragon Ball = Ki
Street Fighter = Chi
Naruto = Chakra
Star Wars = The Force
Ect Ect Ect

Such forces derive from living beings themselves and cane be utilized from simple telekinesis to tearing the fabric of reality itself. Similar to how Twilight is "the embodiment of magic", Celestia IS the the power she used to wield the sun
Background Pony #C0FA
Well she has to be strong, who else is gonna raise that sun every moning ?
Background Pony #258B
*Luna blows sneeze powder towards her.

I work at a plastic injection molding place and some of the molds are about the size of a washing machine, yet weigh 3-4 tons. Ones the size of a large 2 door fridge can weigh over 10 tons, so if it's solid steel I'd say that's just about the right size compared to Sunbutt.
Background Pony #4C80
If I did my math right, a cube of iron that's 2.26m on a side would weigh just over 100 tons.

So, I guess it depends how big Tiny Tia is.
Background Pony #C27E
I imagine this to be like that scene in Futurama, where it seems Fry is strong but then it turns out he lowered the gravity, getting strangled when Leela turns it back to normal.
Background Pony #5468
"Celly, have you seen the papier-mâché model I finished yesterday? I need it for…the…y'know what, I'll just come back later."
Artist -

Busy af rn.

It could also be Osmium, she's inmortal, so she doesn't have to worry about side effects.

Wait… I've heard they used Tungsten on APCR shells in WW2, and those were lighter and faster (So more penetration). Dammm, i have to do more research.
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The magic's gone :-(
That weight must be made of something really dense material to pack 100 tons in so small space. The ground below her must be also made of the same stuff, because she does not sink.

(Or it's a painted cardboard box.)