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Ok, this sketch got a LITTLE out of hand, but I’m so happy with the body shape and the lingerie. Octavia ALWAYS works the classy long gloves too.
suggestive151607 artist:longinius849 octavia melody24457 earth pony280861 anthro276257 belly button83536 big breasts88977 blushing209920 bra16879 breasts296848 busty octavia melody2580 choker13657 clothes488736 collar35809 ear piercing29173 earring23047 female1433993 garter belt3894 garters2979 gloves21659 jewelry71968 lingerie11101 looking at you181721 mare518921 panties52293 piercing44749 socks70378 solo1121735 solo female187293 stockings35341 thigh highs39600 thighs16118 traditional art122306 underwear63712 wide hips19088


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Oh please let someone grace this with color
She is so beautiful in this drawing. If I came home to see her like this, I think Id have died and went to heaven. Alas, I cannot like this more than once.
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