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Nightlight and Starlyre are both autistic. But their personalities are very different in some ways. Starlyre is obsessed with everything being neat. In addition to being autistic, he probably has OCD. Nightlight, on the other hand, tends not to mind a mess. At least as long as she remembers where everything is.
When Nightlight makes a mess of his things, it sometimes ruins his day. When Starlyre tries to clean things up for Nightlight, the same thing can happen. Being autistic doesn’t always help them get along. Sometimes they find themselves triggering each other in ways that neurotypicals might not.
Each of them desperately wants control over their environment. But they have some opposing ideas on what that means. When one tries to make the other’s environment more friendly for themself, it might trigger a meltdown in the other.
Starlyre, who is slightly older, tends to be fairly mature these days. Unfortunately, interacting with other autistic people can sometimes re-trigger old habits. Neurotypicals often seem to follow more predictable patterns. On the other hand, each autistic person has to be learned individually.
Fortunately, Nightlight and Starlyre share a best friend who knows how to empathize with them. His name is White Night. He is Nightlight’s big brother and Starlyre’s key mentor. He knows a lot about how to de-escalate conflict – and make his friends feel big inside!
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Script by Starponys87 (M. Wayne Howell). Art by lytlelemur.
Starponys: Friends with Autism (“The Spectrum of Friendship”) © and ™ of M. Wayne Howell (, along with all characters therein.
safe1882193 artist:lytlethelemur245 oc788578 oc only584210 oc:david starlyre17 oc:nightlight53 oc:nightlight sparkleheart24 oc:prince endearment22 oc:princess skysparkle12 oc:starlyre2 oc:white night116 oc:white night shiningheart16 alicorn257382 earth pony322761 pony1228684 rapidash396 unicorn403225 autistic six1 alicorn oc30821 angry30734 asperger's syndrome67 autism212 autism spectrum disorder69 bbbff186 bedroom12524 big brother59 book37298 bookshelf4361 broom2043 burning676 clean160 cleaning510 comic118751 duster994 earth pony oc15826 educational67 explosion2364 female1520037 fiery mane72 fire12850 glasses72628 glowing9062 glowing horn23281 happy35728 horn101950 horrified711 house2723 house explosion meme2 hug31879 library3533 little sister85 lyre811 magic81719 making up7 male428995 male alicorn193 mare568294 meltdown19 messy2356 messy hair1127 messy mane8627 musical instrument12851 neurodivergent109 neurotypical16 not celestia145 not shining armor60 not twilight sparkle571 pokémon9938 reconciliation55 sad27165 shelf587 stallion135498 telekinesis31792 unicorn oc18171 wholesome748 wings153889


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