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“Double Squat”
The squat has been doubled with a comic I drew continuing the legacy of the abomination from the mind of JargonScott.
I find it funny that bronies may hate Pony Life, but turn around and enjoy some of the comics we make. full
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Background Pony #2E5C
I find it funny that bronies may hate Pony Life, but turn around and enjoy some of the comics we make
I have never watched Pony Life, but IMHO one of possible reasons for dislike that this animated show already percepted as a sequel to that one, which has became surprisingly popular and great, and it is really difficulty to make something like this likeable: just make it average is not enough, because in comparison to forerunner it would look like a horrible downgrade, yet at the same time if do everything equal to ancestor show,all you should got is a clone of an already seen show.
And still animators of Pony Life managed to even aggravate that effect more with animation design, which isn’t worse than in Gravity Falls, but look unpleasant, compared to MLP FIM (not as unrealistic as Pony Life, but further from uncanny valley than MLP 1-3 generations).
TL;DR: my hypothesis about reason to hate: MLP FIM was close to masterpiece, and so had to be Pony Life to not be disliked, but animation design make it more obvious, that Pony Life far from masterpiece, even if it not that bad.
However, i think that MLP: Pony Life worth it's creation at least because it invented new characters in the world of MLP: 4G. New characters mean new possibilities for fan art, amirite?
Background Pony #579B
Reminds me of a scene in a comic. Guy is drinking his coffee calmly, gets sucker punched by his future self, they steal his coffee and go back to their future.
The other person asks them what that was about, and he ignores them and makes a jump back in time.