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Surprise! ✨ Starlight is actually Princess Starlight Glimmer!
Her wings and accessories are all magnetic, so she can switch between her princess form and her regular self ♡
safe1949617 artist:meplushyou220 starlight glimmer54798 alicorn270422 pony1299785 alicornified6540 crown24335 cute232563 glimmerbetes4407 irl77457 jewelry89021 looking at you213075 photo88593 plushie27590 princess2835 princess starlight glimmer113 race swap17739 regalia29027 smiling324541 solo1248859 starlicorn517 stars19574


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Background Pony #D1E9
OP has never looked so Mary Sue…
It is well made and looks very spot on. Props to the artist…
but no… Starlight was OP as a unicorn, major Mary Sue as an Alicorn. She doesnt need any more power than she already has