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safe1948666 edit154902 edited screencap79006 editor:quoterific5884 screencap258115 applejack186503 carrot cake2326 cup cake4591 fluttershy236025 pinkie pie236873 pound cake2800 pumpkin cake2548 rainbow dash257380 rarity201434 twilight sparkle330292 earth pony351934 pegasus396288 pony1298739 unicorn435291 baby cakes781 season 23760 about to cry93 baby12571 baby pony7799 broom2221 collage1761 crying49858 cute232439 diaper15226 eyes closed118286 female1581878 flour373 glowing11522 glowing horn24810 hat106708 horn113001 laughing9578 magic85290 male451489 mane six35055 mare605557 open mouth193681 party hat2979 poundabetes89 pumpkinbetes79 shocked8746 stallion146153 telekinesis33557 unicorn twilight25276


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