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Sorry for being completely absent (at least in terms of regular posts here) for the past two weeks. As an apology, here’s an impromptu set of vectors to make up for every missed day since the last post; The First Two Weeks of December™.
And, for the climactic finale of this mini-series, some of you may or may not have seen this coming… Babysitter Trixie! The original Gameloft hit. The main act of our show. Thank you for coming. Now… onto the holiday schedule.
Part 9/9
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safe1882573 artist:sketchmcreations1803 trixie72514 pony1229040 unicorn403350 alternate hairstyle31624 babysitter trixie604 clothes526786 female1520600 gameloft5237 gameloft interpretation361 hoodie16733 mare568597 open mouth179811 pigtails5331 raised eyebrow7339 raised hoof55604 simple background465176 smiling303648 transparent background233542 twintails1918 vector81843


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@Awkward Segway  
It’s still the same Trixie, just with a different hair style and a hoodie.
In my fanon, Trixie was a babysitter before she was a magician and she met Snips and Snails whilst she was babysitting them and one of the things she did to keep the kids occupied was magic tricks. All of the kids, esspically Snips and Snails, loved this and Snips and Snails offered to give her help and that’s how Trixie became The Great and Powerful Trixie.