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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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2021 community collab submission for the Meme Team discord server.  
From left to right:
Upper row: Mikey (Sky Spark, drawn by Toyminator), Goldenflow (Goldenflow), Parashy (Parashy), Any Pony (Canned Peaches, drawn by Pirill)
Middle row: Pirill (Fidget), Devfield (Golden Star, drawn by Pirill), Toyminator (Wheelie Rims)
Bottom row: Litrojia (Cottonwood Kindle), Aureai (Aureai), Coldfire (Coldfire, drawn by Aureai), NotADeliciousPotato (Huracata)

safe2152615 artist:aureai138 artist:goldenflow19 artist:litrojia148 artist:notadeliciouspotato190 artist:para7up4 artist:pirill333 artist:toyminator900772 oc935331 oc only679160 oc:aureai69 oc:canned peaches6 oc:coldfire (bat pony)42 oc:cottonwood kindle69 oc:fidget58 oc:golden star86 oc:goldenflow29 oc:huracata32 oc:parashy3 oc:sky spark125 oc:wheelie rims28 bat pony73597 earth pony437121 hippogriff13422 parasprite2251 pegasus487208 pony1580499 unicorn527955 2021 community collab955 derpibooru community collaboration6176 arm band257 baseball cap2909 bipedal48627 bow43891 cap6623 cheerleader3559 cheerleader outfit1569 clothes624828 coach328 collaboration6879 female1778991 group7650 hat122560 horn178348 leg band166 male542336 mare727098 open mouth232629 pom pom1538 simple background584738 skirt54551 smiling389149 species swap26294 stallion191379 talons1644 transparent background280897 unamused23723 wings216411


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