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Smiling Sunset Shimmer
I wanna draw more ponies in their EQG clothes now. lol
safe1723937 artist:symbianl378 sunset shimmer63705 pony984320 unicorn331043 :34601 blushing200496 clothes466031 cute202448 daaaaaaaaaaaw4035 equestria girls outfit2438 female1378654 floppy ears53074 fluffy14399 hnnng2462 looking at you171580 shimmerbetes4425 smiling at you4445 solo1076044 symbianl is trying to murder us41 weapons-grade cute3729


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
@Artistic Fox
I wanna see (more of) human!pony-Shimmy meeting actual-human Shimmy…but the problem is the tagging of human versions of ponies and actual humans makes it very difficult if not impossible to differentiate between them…