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suggestive172892 artist:racoonsan640 rarity203149 spike87294 thorax5076 changedling10432 changeling58438 human202836 unicorn446466 animated113011 blushing238705 breasts343253 busty rarity15664 clothes559288 disguise6214 disguised changedling279 female1603426 gif41446 glowing eyes13653 hissing485 horn117296 horned humanization7496 humanized110138 king thorax3518 lingerarity247 lingerie12475 lip bite13699 male459877 male nipples8209 nipples211617 offscreen character43962 open mouth197821 panties57619 shapeshifting398 socks81881 speech bubble32021 stockings42004 thigh highs48817 tongue out128604 transformation13669 underwear70830


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Background Pony #AB13
Spike: Now bring the shaft
Thorax: I’m confused, you want to me to peg you?
Spike: Yes.
Thorax: While I like Rarity?
Spike: Yes!
Thorax: And that’s fun for you?
Spike: YES?
Thorax: Then why can’t I do you as male
Spike: NO MORE QUESTIONS?! Now fuck me!
Thorax:… Fine.
Spike: Oh and demand I hold all of your stuff while you beat with a whip
Thorax: I don’t know which ones more fucked up, You for wanting this or Rarity for allowing?
Background Pony #4913
We all know he’s gonna change back to his Thorax form the moment you are about to climax in Rarity. Gotta be prepared for that mentally :P
Background Pony #FD18
Just a brief reminder for Spike: you have to say no-homo than what you will do next, doesn’t count as gay.