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Artist’s description:  
Did a bunch of style experimentation and trying out some new methods for the lighting and shading, and putting together a bunch of practice I’ve been doing over the past month and a half.
safe1949080 artist:arcane-thunder128 fluttershy236076 pegasus396445 pony1299154 chest fluff52134 cute232500 daaaaaaaaaaaw5694 ear fluff40638 female1582238 high res84362 looking at you212998 mare605738 open mouth193746 raised leg9802 shyabetes16716 simple background491788 smiling324415 solo1248448 spread wings73408 standing17555 stray strand594 three quarter view2300 white background127163 wings169751


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Background Pony #A519
This reminded me of Bugplayer’s art back in the day, thank you for the great art.