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Bullying your younger self? Cool.
safe1726313 edit134144 edited screencap66170 screencap224377 starlight glimmer49184 pony986581 unicorn332016 the cutie map4157 uncommon bond821 abuse7918 angry27628 board game387 crying44120 dragon pit98 female1380675 filly68137 filly starlight glimmer601 glimmerbuse311 gritted teeth12515 open mouth149771 quiet155 rage1536 ragelight glimmer286 s5 starlight1874 sad24787 sadlight glimmer244 self abuse15 self ponidox8233 time travel387 younger17580


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Background Pony #D552
She's eventually going to over react to a friend moving away by starting an anti-cutie-mark commune. Things could not get worse.