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suggestive141120 artist:lucy-tan128 fluttershy211133 rarity180528 equestria girls198312 alternate hairstyle27780 belly button76688 big breasts80747 blushing195080 bracelet9215 breasts274144 busty fluttershy16975 busty rarity12672 choker11767 cleavage34220 clothes454107 commission66912 corset4277 ear piercing25738 earring20748 eyeshadow15314 female1349167 flarity1603 grin37737 high heels10987 jewelry62177 lesbian95955 lingerie10396 lipstick10978 makeup21026 modeling303 nail polish7625 necklace18370 open mouth142749 panties49734 piercing40398 sexy28957 shipping198253 shirt24458 shoes35734 skirt39271 smiling243979 stockings32236 stupid sexy fluttershy1052 stupid sexy rarity1223 thigh highs35657 underwear60201


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Miss Rarity, you have become the number one dessous designer. How would you describe your journey to the top?

R: A lot of people would say design what you want to wear, what make you feel beautiful, what makes you comfortable. But in actuallity you should design what you want to rip of your girlfriend body.