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suggestive173360 artist:king-kakapo1291 applejack188030 fluttershy238569 pinkie pie238868 rainbow dash259712 rarity203411 twilight sparkle333348 human204359 appleshy1360 barefoot32613 bed50198 bedroom13691 belly button95981 blue hair1472 blue underwear2591 bra19327 breasts344249 busty applejack12528 busty fluttershy21017 busty mane six293 busty pinkie pie12838 busty rainbow dash10017 busty rarity15698 busty twilight sparkle14566 casual nudity9128 chubby15494 cleavage41089 clothed female nude female2986 clothes560641 commission97041 complete nudity6191 cuddling9677 eyelashes21796 eyes closed121071 feet48763 female1606447 fluttershy sleeps naked158 green hair697 hug33639 humanized110348 indoors5168 lesbian108689 light skin4939 long hair5812 love5827 mane six35361 midriff21822 multicolored hair8963 naked hug352 nightgown1724 nudity453420 omniship243 one eye closed40005 open mouth198393 orange hair333 pajamas3783 panties57719 partial nudity25535 pillow22542 pink hair1854 pink underwear4498 polyamory7507 purple hair1299 rainbow hair3905 raripie914 red hair1247 ribbon8263 shipping230169 short hair2626 signature35201 sleeping26795 sleeping in the nude531 sleepover475 slumber party268 smiling332260 socks82051 soles5866 spooning665 stocking feet1901 stockings42123 strategically covered3325 striped underwear3246 thigh highs48983 toes8054 twidash5629 underwear70970 wink29694 yawn1612 yellow hair480


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Background Pony #35A9
Twilight Sparkle: nightgown
Rainbow Dash: underwear
Pinkie Pie: underwear & stockings
Rarity: nightgown & stockings
Fluttershy: just stockings
Applejack: completely naked
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(Ah Christ. Forgot phone wasn’t logged on to this site. Try again. If a mod could delete that comment that would be great.)
I know. That’s just how the dice rolled for this. I certainly wasn’t thinking that far when I was deciding who was wearing what for this.
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Applejack should have clothes on, making Fluttershy the only one sleeping nude. Which would work great for the meme/reference. I like it when Fluttershy not only is the only one nude, but also embarrassed about it. ;)

And here I was planning to post this. Thanks Background Pony #E1D5, and thanks again King Kakapo.
>>2705 I didn’t know there was a tag for it, but I’m not surprised. It’s cute she still has stockings on.