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safe1751388 artist:esmeia185 capper dapperpaws1621 rarity185646 abyssinian1306 earth pony266287 pony1011370 abyssinianized31 beard3800 bedroom eyes61400 bits1123 cape10740 capperity144 clothes476317 collar34568 cute205798 cutie mark49736 diamond799 eyeshadow16591 facial hair6215 female1402646 makeup22842 male388304 ponified42016 purple background3299 raised eyebrow6688 raricat254 role reversal1423 shipping205751 signature26962 simple background409451 sitting65626 smiling261269 species swap20684 straight140394


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Background Pony #B049
Ponies are basically cats anyway, at least with how many artists portray them.