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safe1728040 artist:esmeia185 capper dapperpaws1602 rarity183695 abyssinian1282 earth pony256986 pony988259 abyssinianized30 beard3722 bedroom eyes60340 bits1118 cape10542 capperity141 clothes467579 collar33854 cute203015 cutie mark48497 diamond784 eyeshadow16104 facial hair6045 female1382286 makeup22151 male380557 ponified41603 purple background3187 raised eyebrow6620 raricat247 role reversal1400 shipping202998 signature25896 simple background401523 sitting64446 smiling254523 species swap20214 straight138443


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Background Pony #B049
Ponies are basically cats anyway, at least with how many artists portray them.