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safe1752947 edit136038 edited screencap67321 editor:quoterific2558 screencap227895 applejack173486 fluttershy217483 pinkie pie220427 princess cadance33175 rainbow dash238839 rarity185816 shining armor23658 spike80572 twilight sparkle306462 alicorn233258 dragon58803 earth pony266887 pegasus310023 pony1012669 unicorn343266 the crystal empire2866 applejack's hat8488 cowboy hat17240 duo64937 female1403977 flying39485 hat90538 hopping318 mane seven6683 mane six32620 one eye closed32607 open mouth154875 teeth10538 unicorn twilight18755 walking4944 wink25709


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Background Pony #D363
I won’t lie this was too corny for me. I wish it would’ve been a more sarcastic response. That seems more authentic or at least interesting to me. It’s just my opinion.