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safe1709188 edit132796 edited screencap65381 editor:quoterific1896 screencap222561 applejack170141 fluttershy212962 pinkie pie216448 princess cadance32510 rainbow dash234239 rarity182109 shining armor23199 spike78873 twilight sparkle300677 alicorn224984 dragon56463 earth pony249755 pegasus292845 pony970297 unicorn324581 the crystal empire2833 applejack's hat7385 cowboy hat15930 duo61581 female1365678 flying38243 hat87055 hopping311 mane seven6522 mane six31947 one eye closed30860 open mouth146411 teeth9830 unicorn twilight17583 walking4784 wink24809


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Background Pony #D363
I won't lie this was too corny for me. I wish it would've been a more sarcastic response. That seems more authentic or at least interesting to me. It's just my opinion.