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safe1691217 edit130861 edited screencap64268 editor:quoterific1509 screencap220452 applejack168646 fluttershy211133 pinkie pie214810 princess cadance32511 rainbow dash232322 rarity180528 shining armor22976 spike78291 twilight sparkle298305 alicorn221387 dragon55377 earth pony243126 pegasus285944 pony952967 unicorn316988 the crystal empire2800 applejack's hat7025 cowboy hat15467 duo59801 female1349174 flying37683 hat85606 hopping306 mane seven6472 mane six31710 one eye closed30059 open mouth142749 teeth9479 unicorn twilight16937 walking4699 wink24368


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Background Pony #D363
I won't lie this was too corny for me. I wish it would've been a more sarcastic response. That seems more authentic or at least interesting to me. It's just my opinion.