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safe1725240 edit134075 edited screencap66134 editor:quoterific2188 screencap224308 applejack171391 fluttershy214704 pinkie pie218039 princess cadance32757 rainbow dash236020 rarity183466 shining armor23359 spike79438 twilight sparkle302881 alicorn228132 dragon57392 earth pony255928 pegasus299237 pony985545 unicorn331555 the crystal empire2853 applejack's hat7685 cowboy hat16309 duo62716 female1379774 flying38726 hat88223 hopping312 mane seven6587 mane six32210 one eye closed31508 open mouth149594 teeth10109 unicorn twilight18114 walking4842 wink25151


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Background Pony #D363
I won't lie this was too corny for me. I wish it would've been a more sarcastic response. That seems more authentic or at least interesting to me. It's just my opinion.