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explicit389885 artist:rambon7301 kotobukiya1078 sunset shimmer68984 equestria girls222674 belly button88952 blushing222216 bottomless14840 breasts316009 busty sunset shimmer6328 camp everfree289 camp everfree outfits2095 clothes519760 exhibitionism10280 exhibitionist32 female1503659 forest11640 no pubic hair194 nudity420166 partial nudity23453 patreon13681 public nudity3660 solo1184911 solo female195768 strategically covered3157 sweat30521 talking to herself151 thighs18557 vulva146527 water16259


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Background Pony #612F
Where? I just see a shadowy blade of grass ever so conveniently covering her lady bits, clit included. But if the clit is visible, then the pic should definitely be bumped up to an explicit rating.
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Background Pony #A8F1
Amazing…and I thought only Wallflower would like this sort of publicity…
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Background Pony #E889
She seems to be confused about the meaning of the word “completely”.
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