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Finished YCH ^^!

For some reason there is no pause at the end of the animation, but it is displayed properly on DA. Hmm 🤔
safe1689685 artist:klooda130 oc674127 oc only442745 oc:blake55 oc:ravebounce111 earth pony242439 griffon26705 pony951364 animated97711 blushing194757 bust48860 commission66704 couple5306 cute197354 daaaaaaaaaaaw3759 eyes closed91545 female1347620 floppy ears51445 frame by frame4007 gif30491 griffon oc2134 holiday20020 kiss on the cheek1748 kissing24384 male367060 mare472780 ocbetes5040 open mouth142378 portrait30630 shy4072 smiling243550 smooch272 valentine's day3548 ych result20861


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