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Tina may be late but omg it's so heckin CUTE. Shiny is one lucky stallion.
A very late 'Lunar New Year+Valentine's Day' inspired Cadence piece that started as a dress design and i loved it.
safe1727122 artist:taytinabelle139 princess cadance32787 alicorn228468 pony987385 arrow2242 blushing200973 butt62203 cheongsam457 chest fluff40067 chinese new year409 clothes467217 cute202908 cutedance1275 dock50872 dress45258 ear fluff30351 eye clipping through hair6050 female1381430 frilly socks72 frilly underwear4486 gradient background12975 happy31714 heart49170 heart arrow156 heart collar7 heart pillow234 hearts and hooves day2161 holiday20305 lace866 lingerie10670 looking at you172129 lovebutt1288 lunar new year50 lying down18304 mare490999 mouth hold17768 on side6758 one eye closed31587 open mouth149891 panties50857 pillow18251 rear view12424 shiny2474 silk83 simple background401127 smiling254308 socks67427 solo1078152 spread wings55749 stockings33464 tail hole281 tassels123 teeth10130 thigh highs37231 underhoof52860 underwear61667 valentine's day3594 wings111392 wink25196 winking at you990


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