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safe1676264 artist:endo50 izzy moonbow1168 sunny starscout894 earth pony237769 pony938918 unicorn311064 g52297 chest fluff37520 cute195304 dialogue63846 female1336183 high res25341 horn62036 horn guard339 horn impalement641 hornball297 izzy's tennis ball344 izzybetes232 looking at each other19366 magic71760 mare466275 no pupils3898 nom3025 onomatopoeia4001 open mouth140101 simple background383582 sketch61667 solo1043736 telekinesis27055 tennis ball515 text58079 that pony sure does love tennis balls34 white background95141


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Sunny: What are you doing?
Izzy: Getting more love from our fans? They love that when we do cute stuff.
S: Huh? What fans?
I: Them! (pointing a hoof at us)
S: … Are you going loco? There's nopony there!
I: If you say so. (continues nomming)
S: … Okay. What are 'them'?
I: Oh. Humans. My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great aunt Pinkie Pie told us 'they' were watching them when she was alive. I didn't believe it at first, but here they are, staring at us with a big smile on their faces. I guess that mean they like us.
S: I… No no no.! I'm not buying this! Not. One. Bit! I'm leaving you with your nomming.
I: Okay. (continues nomming)
S: Okay, seriously, it's annoying.
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Background Pony #675F
Yeah, then you marinate it with the blood of your enemies, toast it, stab it, bury it in the ground till it sprouts a tree, chop down that tree, make a fire with the wood, wait till it burns out, THEN you eat it. Izzy's so uncultured.
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