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"Something I drew up for a little local competition.

Meet Sunshine Dust, an earth pony who takes "being one with nature" to the next level. She grows plants in her mane, and frequently holds very interesting conversations with all kinds of flora. Some might consider her a bit insane (this is probably not that debatable).

She was raised in the forest, and is very much to plants what Fluttershy is to animals… except with less shyness and more crazy.

Her cutie-mark is a full sun with a heart in the center, representing the phrase "tender loving care", something she bestows readily on nature, but more recently in her adventures in pony society to those she cares about."
- Jittery-the-dragon
safe1602078 artist:jittery-the-dragon136 oc617744 oc only413182 oc:sunshine dust3 earth pony211349 pony870574 apple15089 bag3820 clothes420349 confident677 female1274450 flower23150 food63299 freckles25726 gritted teeth10685 happy28462 looking back51035 mare433552 saddle bag5364 simple background355196 smiling221462 solo993493 transparent background184055


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