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safe1727043 artist:jewellier66 part of a set12748 applejack171511 fluttershy214878 golden feather65 pinkie pie218172 princess celestia95820 rainbow dash236172 rarity183615 spike79490 twilight sparkle303093 oc697673 oc:sunny skies49 earth pony256623 pegasus300012 pony987325 unicorn332335 fanfic:sunny skies all day long20 book33929 disguise4859 fanfic art14624 female1381364 golden oaks library5164 library3261 magic74275 mane seven6592 mane six32234 mare490968 smiling254296 telekinesis28204 traditional art118900 unicorn twilight18153 wings111377


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Hello, fellow users of this website, on which I registered specifically to write this comment😎 I'm the author of this series of drawings. And yes, these are some illustrations for the "Sunny Skies all day long" fanfiction.
We used Celestia's diquise from the comics for the sake of reference, because we are translating and dubbing not only fanfics, but comics as well. From a technical point of view, Celestia's disquise didn't even have a name in that comic, it was given her by fans, so we thought that naming her Sunny Skies is fun.
I beg you not to put spoilers on these pictures and not to remove Sunny Skies tags. At least you can leave them along with the Golden Feather tag. Ty!