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**Uploaded a bit early, but anyway.**🤭
**Just a motivational reminder I wanted to share with all of you, as we head into the week before Easter.**🤗
**Happy Easter 2021.**🌿🕊
Uploaded early mainly due to the fact that Inkscape refused to export the PNG tonight, for some dumb reason 😯 but it’s all good 😊
Hit a palindrome landmark on my artist tag with this one (212) and on aura images (828), as well as positive message image 111. 🎇
Goodnight, and goodbye until April. 🎆✨
safe1882233 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan442 derpibooru exclusive32010 oc788610 oc only584225 oc:nocturnal vision50 alicorn257390 pony1228725 .svg available9183 2021892 alicorn oc30825 alternate design3708 anastasis2 apotheosis54 ascension105 aura968 body markings589 celebration298 colored wings8575 determination146 determined849 determined face39 determined look119 determined smile54 easter1588 easter 20212 embellishing1 equestria font24 ethereal hair155 ethereal mane9883 ethereal tail648 female1520099 floating4495 flourishes2 flowing hair127 flowing mane2540 flowing tail1673 flying43800 font77 glowing9063 glowing body18 glowing eyes12849 glowing horn23282 glowing tail108 gradient background15675 gradient wings1035 hair2219 happy easter 20211 holiday25345 horn101955 light beams21 light bearer7 long hair5091 long mane3972 long tail2762 looking at you199950 magic81721 magic aura5754 magic glow250 magic overload127 mane2356 mare568328 markings2433 motivational310 nc-tv39 nc-tv:creator ponified41 olive branch10 ponified44644 positive message141 positive ponies561 postcard241 raised hoof55588 realistic2069 realistic mane51 resurrection81 shine280 shining38 shiny3071 sigils15 simple background465069 smiling303593 smiling at you10568 svg4125 swirls101 swirly markings61 tail52161 text70139 the fourth wall cannot save you78 vector81840 wall of tags4943 wallpaper19560 white eyes597 wing markings17 wings153897


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