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suggestive170246 alternate version66580 artist:the-butch-x1611 photo finish2845 equestria girls230890 adorasexy11227 arm behind head8309 armpits45000 ass66359 beautisexy1260 belly button94099 bra18898 breasts336148 busty photo finish174 butt171218 cleavage40303 clothes549927 cute232135 female1579921 garter belt4767 glasses76002 instagram753 lingerie12226 looking at you212453 open mouth193227 panties56782 photaww finish32 sexy36744 smiling323697 smiling at you13222 socks80201 solo1246507 solo female204408 stupid sexy photo finish48 thigh highs47521 thighs21345 underwear69692


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Background Pony #A1AA
After school, Photo Finish asked me to help her with a special project. She didn’t wanna tell me what is it yet. But I have to wait and see. Right now I’m in one of her inspiration rooms with sketch pads and other supplies. She came in wearing a see-through jacket violet lingerie and high socks.
Photo: Thank you for coming Anon. Are you ready for the special project?
Anon: Sure I am. So…what do you want me to do?
Photo: Simple, first, take these. - She hands and sketch pad and a cup of pencils and pens. - Now we can start on our project. - Photo takes off her jacket and sits on lounging chair. - Ok Anon dear, all you gotta do, is draw me. winks whenever you’re ready. - I couldn’t help but smile.
Anon - Right away Photo. - I drew Photo as I looked at her to make sure I get her right. Time went by and I finished. Alright Photo. I’m finished.
Photo - Aw good. Lets see. - She takes a look at the picture and was impressed how I did it. - OMG Anon, I love it. You really have the Magiks in you. - She kisses me as I kisses her. Then we parted to looked at each-other. Anon darling, as a thank you for helping me, let us go to my room for a special pleasant reward. winks
Anon: Thanks babe. Lead the way.
Photo: Right. We go. - Photo leads me to her room for special reward. Something with her without the lingerie.
Background Pony #A1AA
I bet Photo could ask me to draw a special portrait of her and rewards me passionately for my help.