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"You wanted to see me boss?"
suggestive141120 artist:more-useless-source461 fluttershy211133 anthro256955 3d74599 big breasts80747 blender6375 breasts274145 busty fluttershy16975 cellphone3477 clothes454109 dress44000 erect nipples10480 female1349169 glasses61024 huge breasts37780 impossibly large breasts16587 mug4193 nail polish7625 nipple outline7368 nudity365920 office870 pants14271 phone6107 short hair1914 smiling243979 solo1053863 solo female178176 sweater14356 sweatershy3164


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Background Pony #09CE
"Fluttershy, we've received numerous harassment complaints from both male and female employees. In addition, you need to start wearing a bra. These are two of your three strikes, and I'm sorry, but we will have to fire you if this keeps up."