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I’m not that good at drawing art so I took a screenshot of the preening artworks for April Fools 2021.
suggestive148629 artist:artistmeli3 artist:badumsquish-edits185 artist:byteslice223 artist:cornelia_nelson740 artist:ferrarienzo5 artist:goldenflow19 artist:lailyren185 artist:lightningbolt920 artist:litrojia118 artist:paracompact43 artist:red4567938 artist:shaslan53 artist:shiroikitten56 artist:silfoe1555 artist:sky-spark6 artist:skyarrow11 artist:somber173 artist:strat-fim2 artist:taaffeiite439 artist:twilyisbestpone110 artist:watermelonrat32 artist:yoditax1097 artist:zackwhitefang27 derpibooru exclusive29382 edit136281 editor:derpy whooves3 derpy hooves50828 fluttershy217647 gilda9812 ocellus5455 pinkie pie220575 princess cadance33202 princess luna100935 rainbow dash239009 shining armor23675 silverstream6312 smolder8255 terramar816 twilight sparkle306668 oc713865 oc only466470 oc:amber swirl4 oc:cottonwood kindle50 oc:delly171 oc:fly dart3 oc:glade6 oc:power drift29 oc:turntable22 oc:zack whitefang7 oc:zoneitie2 alicorn233610 bat pony52365 bird8832 butterfly7318 earth pony267878 griffon28046 hippogriff10172 horse3392 parrot508 pegasus310807 pony1015098 unicorn344231 derpibooru7186 .svg available8474 1000 hours in ms paint6018 3/4 view58 3d80700 abstract background16192 alternate design3037 angry28172 animal4708 april fools836 april fools 202171 base used21883 bat pony oc18977 beak1062 bed42473 bedroom eyes61553 behaving like a bird638 behaving like a dog1400 blanket5538 blue eyes5770 blushing205274 brothers894 bust52887 butt touch4356 caption22156 chest fluff41428 claws5249 clothes477355 colored19886 colored hooves6416 colored sketch2962 colored wings6598 colored wingtips1711 colt15511 commission73433 couple5657 crack shipping3738 cuddling8600 cute206233 cutie mark49909 dashabetes9672 derpabetes2840 do not want623 dock52224 ear fluff31429 eye clipping through hair6505 eyelashes12523 fanfic art14983 feather6288 featured image910 female1405900 flash-featured image8 flat colors2300 flutterdash4622 food73214 frown23645 gay28713 gildarmor18 goggles14491 google chrome363 grooming786 hair1875 hair over one eye9379 happy32268 hippogriff oc655 horn78352 hug29206 human to pony1246 image macro37520 indignant15 infidelity6928 intentionally bad47 interspecies23669 irl71807 jewelry68772 kent brockman27 lesbian99454 licking20911 lidded eyes31907 lip piercing1198 looking at each other21562 lying down19904 male389454 mare504248 meme83560 meta16753 mike fuentes18 monochrome152499 muffin6542 necklace20664 nest532 nom3102 nudity383411 oc x oc16391 offended81 on bed3844 outdoors11722 park1101 parody15798 paws5071 pet1952 photo81682 picnic1392 pierce the veil110 piercing43288 pillow18717 plushie24806 ponified42057 portrait31961 preenhub28 preenhub exclusive3 preening1053 prone26424 public1575 purple background3315 raised eyebrow6705 raised hoof48601 sheath2462 shipping206169 shirt26307 show accurate17085 shyabetes14541 siblings9580 side view1630 signature27144 simple background410568 sitting65771 sketch64655 smiling262513 snuggling6614 source filmmaker48653 speech bubble24495 spread wings57297 stallion116318 stick pony157 straight140661 stylistic suck1162 svg3708 t-shirt4678 tail31416 talon31 tattoo5818 television2576 text62460 the simpsons1875 tongue out108655 traditional art120581 transparent background209449 trying6 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126388 underhoof53923 underpaw1656 unshorn fetlocks27387 vector77958 vic fuentes79 wall of tags3678 wholesome porn95 winghug2990 wings123905 younger17812


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Yes, really.
so the url is derpibooru, but the icon is preenhub  
does this confuse anyone else?  
i shall now attempt to name every tab, even though i only know maybe 1 or 2  
2x youtube, 2x probably windows store, pintrest, 2x idk but in sweetie bell colors, divient art 4x idk but in sweetiebell colors, derpibooru, derpi/preen, 4x devient art, 2x furbooru/animal jam, google serch, idk but in purple, idk with a red m, twitter with ping, idk but a bar graph, tab will not open, 2x idk but a bar graph, 2x page will not open, 5x youtube, 3x idk but pretty rainbow boxes.  
for a grand total of… 39 tabs!  
you’re welcome