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One lucky pegasus :)
suggestive143311 artist:rozyfly1089 artist:zev854 edit132820 fluttershy213005 queen chrysalis34841 changeling47791 changeling queen16574 pegasus292999 pony970670 bugbutt1541 butt59274 chrysashy54 chrysdom79 faceful of ass1198 facesitting3351 female1366000 females only12693 femdom8147 femsub10778 flutterseat255 fluttersub376 lesbian97166 looking at her butt248 looking back57594 lucky girl95 prize on the eyes615 shipping200630 simple background394531 sitting63429 sitting on305 sitting on person512 sitting on pony445 smiling249401 submissive16696 the ass was fat13865 these aren't my glasses479 white background98215


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Background Pony #F3C7
They couldn’t be friends with Chrysalis. But she found friends with benefits more alluring, so they went with that. Both parties have found the experiment quite pleasurable…