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When I was a just a little lad, or so me mammy told me!
Away, haul away! We'll haul away, Joe!
That if I didn't kiss the girls, my lips would grow all mouldy!
Away, haul away! We'll haul away, Joe!
safe1687804 artist:strafe blitz46 oc672926 oc only442103 oc:lyssa32 oc:red flux57 oc:zeny78 bat pony48830 bird8078 changeling46579 moth598 mothling202 original species24797 pegasus284651 pony949545 semi-anthro13112 bat pony oc17026 clothes452686 commission66525 compass130 ear fluff28668 fangs24751 featured image874 female1345899 hat85293 helm32 high res26683 hoof hold8215 male366391 map1318 mare471791 multicolored hair5401 pencil3575 pirate2415 png407 red changeling1303 sailing48 ship1264 stallion106333 trio8900 ych result20812


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Background Pony #F832
@Midknight Defender

I was just figuring due to the tuffed ears that he has, well unless he just changed his ears like that. /Shrug Though a bat changeling would be cool.