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do you like how I walk, darling?

song: Ruler of Everything by Tally Hall
safe1691228 derpibooru exclusive28070 edit130858 edited screencap64265 editor:johnny b. mediocre1 screencap220450 applejack168647 fluttershy211133 pinkie pie214811 princess thunder guts113 rainbow dash232323 rarity180528 sci-twi24003 snips4193 twilight sparkle298306 bird8106 dog9393 dance magic1515 diy with applejack144 do it for the ponygram!415 driving miss shimmer192 equestria girls198314 equestria girls (movie)7048 equestria girls series32569 festival filters156 friendship through the ages486 g36771 i'm on a yacht782 inclement leather169 legend of everfree7956 lost and pound234 rarity investigates: the case of the bedazzled boot305 rollercoaster of friendship2461 the other side487 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13980 spoiler:eqg specials5258 :p8707 alien (franchise)438 animated97843 bedroom eyes58718 betcha can't make a face crazier than this28 bodysuit2060 boots21461 bracelet9216 bridge1138 camp everfree outfits1800 cellphone3477 chase834 close-up5990 clothes454115 comfort eating180 crying43107 dancing8252 detective rarity686 dress44000 driving miss shimmer: rarity59 eating9499 extreme speed animation696 eyeshadow15315 fall formal outfits1491 female1349185 flower25274 food69154 g3 faic61 g3 to equestria girls43 generation leap5639 geode of shielding2185 geode of super strength2136 glasses61024 glitter533 hasbro-sponsored official cleavage22 headphones7566 high heel boots5369 ice cream4965 it's coming right at us199 jacket12335 jewelry62178 kissy face471 laughing7890 lesbian95955 lipstick10978 lost and pound: rarity68 magical geodes8739 makeup21027 marshmelodrama805 meme81531 messy hair938 mirror5184 monochrome148727 music2804 one eye closed30059 panic881 phone6107 psychadelic6 rain6029 rarijack7007 rarity being rarity292 rarity investigates (eqg): trixie114 reflection3124 ruler of everything1 running makeup2094 screaming3355 seizure warning3238 sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band21 sgt. rarity256 shipping198255 shoes35734 smartphone1963 sound8692 sparkles4387 speed up106 stupid sexy rarity1223 sunglasses14238 tally hall3 tangled up342 the other side bloopers32 the pose193 tongue out102413 trippy190 tv rating351 tv-y740 walking4699 wall of tags2971 webm13061 wink24368


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