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safe1922953 artist:liaaqila1226 rainbow dash255102 twilight sparkle327246 alicorn265163 pegasus384121 pony1270463 commission92086 cute228913 daaaaaaaaaaaw5598 dashabetes10686 duo101167 eye clipping through hair10249 female1557687 flower31416 high res81239 lesbian106676 liaaqila is trying to murder us71 literal shipping53 looking at you207945 mailbox552 mare589959 micro10215 pony in a box1150 shipping225069 tiny1595 tiny ponies1682 traditional art128880 twiabetes13497 twidash5575 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135894


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Crap! Two strange mini-horses in my mail!  
They’re alive, they’re probably failed experiments from the Area 51.