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Background Pony #265A
I'm still surprised at the downvotes, given that normal hoof fetish art — and even various more extreme fetish art — doesn't tend to go negative. It was even tagged "hoof fetish" from the start.
Background Pony #EFC8
What's up with her hooves anyway? Why are they gold? How the hell do you navigate a smartphone with a single hoof?
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Hoofsies Rule
thats absolutely fine lol to enjoy or not enjoy whatever you want. each their own.
also, think of hooves like feet, one of the most common kinks is feet. and for some, hooves are the best pony equivalent to that
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Twilight Sparkle <3
Well, i think it's a very cute fetish and i wish that more people were into it, drawing beautiful artworks and just enjoying the stuff. Ah well, underground is an underground, i guess. Not for everyone!
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
I am confused. Why would that be sad? I think this is actually one of the weirder fetishes out there right now, and I personally can't see why people would be interested in this (then again, I can't speak for those that are interested, since I don't know any and I have no interest in this kind of thing myself).
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