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Our beloved queen just kept taking Ls every time we saw her. Sad.
safe1691711 artist:negatif2299 queen chrysalis34522 changeling46846 changeling queen16085 anxiety191 breakdown116 broken753 bust49058 crying43120 crysalis41 cute197667 cutealis2136 eyes closed91848 fangs24882 female1349626 open mouth142826 quadrupedal1715 sad24344 sadorable872 simple background388503 sobbing87 solo1054189 tantrum129 teary eyes4016 transparent background200235 vector76312 wings104414 zoomorphic69


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Live from the hive
Fair point. I had thought of Ocellus, but decided to just mention "Frenemies" as it was Chrysalis herself. But definitely Ocellus' sequence in WLB showed us what a variety of Chrysalis emotions would look like.
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I kind of like Chrysalis
Sad but cute, I feel like we missed more human emotions from her in the show as opposed to her generic angry faces.
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