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Hi! I made this drawing for a contest on a facebook page time ago, which asks that should have the most of likes! (No reactions, just likes Facebook like bullet full)
safe1754320 artist:ravenevert50 applejack173576 fluttershy217593 pinkie pie220520 rainbow dash238941 rarity185938 spike80597 twilight sparkle306604 alicorn233492 fish2699 puffer fish264 seapony (g4)5267 my little pony: the movie19475 female1405064 logo3782 looking at you176229 male389101 mane seven6688 mane six32636 my little pony logo4338 open mouth155178 seaponified2703 seapony applejack310 seapony fluttershy381 seapony pinkie pie540 seapony rainbow dash334 seapony rarity368 seapony twilight465 smiling262216 species swap20714 spike the pufferfish218 traditional art120514 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126353 watermark16986 wings123766


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