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Hi! I made this drawing for a contest on a facebook page time ago, which asks that should have the most of likes! (No reactions, just likes Facebook like bullet )
safe1726455 artist:ravenevert50 applejack171490 fluttershy214831 pinkie pie218136 rainbow dash236139 rarity183585 spike79471 twilight sparkle303032 alicorn228360 fish2564 puffer fish261 seapony (g4)4805 my little pony: the movie19191 female1380861 logo3711 looking at you172016 male379925 mane seven6591 mane six32230 my little pony logo4071 open mouth149790 seaponified2472 seapony applejack298 seapony fluttershy368 seapony pinkie pie524 seapony rainbow dash323 seapony rarity359 seapony twilight451 smiling254167 species swap20173 spike the pufferfish215 traditional art118879 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124867 watermark16552 wings111243


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