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I made this drawing inspired logically on the cover of the song 'Chant of Inmortality' I love this song ♥ Enjoy it!

Link of the song: Link from: 4everfreebrony (I hope you like it!)
safe1724827 artist:ravenevert50 applejack171346 discord31303 fluttershy214654 pinkie pie217986 rainbow dash235961 rarity183422 shining armor23350 twilight sparkle302827 alicorn228056 draconequus12170 earth pony255779 pegasus299044 pony985153 unicorn331388 chant of immortality1 earth1115 female1379411 frown23211 glowing eyes11312 immortality blues595 inspiration82 male379315 mane six32201 mare489899 memories192 planet1215 pony bigger than a planet484 sad24767 shooting star991 song1017 space5110 stars15893 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124796 watermark16509 windswept mane2815 wings110928


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