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Two lovebirds, the first of their kind (alicorn fusions that is) united in their deep seeded relationships and in their cause to protect and to maintain their kingdoms and families for the rest of their days. From the much older yet now rejuvenated Queen Galaxia, whose fusion caused a rebirth for her component mares and a fresh new start to begin from to King Speedy Hooves himself, young and inexperienced yet collectively provides a shield and place of reassurance for the older Galaxia to be with. And so the two rule merrily together over Equestria and the rest of it’s vast empire.
safe1922442 artist:pledus199 big macintosh30792 flash sentry14095 princess cadance36044 princess celestia103305 princess luna107403 shining armor25426 trouble shoes1300 twilight sparkle327194 oc811450 oc:king speedy hooves319 oc:queen galaxia355 alicorn265006 pony1269842 alicorn oc31840 alicorn princess478 commissioner:bigonionbean2421 cutie mark51930 duo101094 female1557266 fusion6078 fusion:king speedy hooves318 fusion:queen galaxia293 high res81221 horn109098 husband and wife1866 loving embrace8 male442797 mare589705 royalty1506 stallion141649 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135860 wings163622 writer:bigonionbean2101


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I wish people would just stop it with Flash Sentry, he isn’t a character, he wasn’t given any love and attention and thus is as generic as they come and yet people still kiss his ass, for no better reason then because he’s a character made by Hasbro, so many better stories to ship Twilight have been made and yet everybody complains about those, for no better reason then because Canon x OC is apparently the worst thing ever.
I disagree, I argue the worst thing ever is paying mind to a non-character just because said character is canon, that’s a pathetic reason to like or dislike a relationship, give me a good build up here, I want to cheer for the ship to happen, But I also want it to make sense. Give me a proper romance and stop supporting nonsense character ships please people…